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"Anything is possible, one stroke at a time™"

Whether you have never drawn before, or are experienced and looking for something to spark your intuition and creativity, this method is for you.   Zentangle is a relaxing way to relieve stress, increase focus and gain artistic satisfaction.

Using simple tools, and taught by a Certified Instructor, you will learn to create art from structured patterns and experience the benefits of meditative drawing through Zentangle.


                                                                                Zentangle I              

Zentangle I The Basics

 Saturday October 15, 2016 @ 1:00 PM

Price:  40.00  All materials supplied

In this class you will learn the theory behind Zentangle and the basic steps in the method.   Working with the finest pens and paper, you will complete at least 2 tiles with the patterns that will be taught.  No experience or supplies required, all materials will be supplied.



                                                                                                Zentangle II

Zentangle II Beyond the Basics (Zentangle I is a prerequisite)

Saturday October 29, 2016 @ 1:00 PM

Price 40.00.

 Zentangle I is a prerequisite....  Bring your Mini Kit.

This class will take you further into the experience of mindfulness through Zentangle.  Several new tangles and new ways of enhancing your tangles will be taught bringing a level of sophistication to your drawing.  All tiles will be supplied but bring the mini kit that you received in Zentangle I.  (Extra kits will be available for purchase)




Zentangle - Colourplay (Zentangle I is a prerequisite)

Saturday  November 19, 2016 @ 1:00 PM

Cost 40.00

Zentangle I  is a prerequisite.....bring your mini kit

Adult colouring books are one of the fastest growing segments of the publishing industry.  Colouring can be very relaxing and stress relieving, not to mention the satisfaction that comes with the finished product.  That being said,  why not get double the benifit and draw your own pages?  In this class you will learn to draw new tangles and, you will have the opportunity to experiment with some exciting mediums with which to colour.  Paper and mediums will be discussed in addition to ways of reproducing your drawings so that they can be preserved and coloured.



                                                                                       Tangling on Tan

Zentangle....Tangling on Tan  (Zentangle I is a prerequisite)


Cost 40.00

Zentangle I is a prerequisite....bring your mini kit

In this class we will be completing a project on a tan background similar to the Renaissance Tiles.  Several new tangles will be taught and all materials (other than your micron) will be supplied.

                                                                                        String Study

Zentangle - A Study in Strings (Zentangle I is a prerequisite)


Cost 40.00

Zentangle I is a prerequisite.....bring your mini kit

Your string is the foundation of your Zentangle drawing .  In this class you will learn several new tangles that will be chosen specifically so that they can be used as your string.  Unique shading techniques will also be shown to add even more dimension to your drawings.